Dead Frog Summer Pack

Last year I bought several of the Dead Frog summer pack.  I don’t even know if I can explain what I enjoyed about it… they were just so refreshing when it was hot.  In particular, the lemon pepper flavour was amazing on a hot day; and if you’re like me you probably read that and went “lemon pepper beer what the fuck” but we tried it and it was amazing!

So when we saw this year’s summer pack I was like “ooh!” and we brought it home.  No lemon pepper, and in fact the only flavour I think I recognized was the nut brown ale.  When I opened the box, there was a little slip saying something about how they’ve redesigned all their beers and now they come in brown bottles instead of clear glass because it means it will be fresher and they’re doing a total makeover to make Dead Frog better.  Whatever, I don’t really care about what colour the bottle is.

Unfortunately, it apparently also meant they changed all the recipes, too.  Because the entire summer pack was absolutely disgusting.  Incredibly disappointing.

The refreshing taste of last year’s pack was gone, and every single beer was packed full of harsh hops.  It wasn’t just hops, though.  They were just bitter and gross.  I think I opened a pale ale, which is something I’m not a fan of in the first place because of all the hops, and I got maybe four sips into it and just put it back in the fridge.  I dumped it out the next day because no one else would finish it for me.  I dumped a beer down the sink because no one would drink it.  That has literally never happened to us before.  Even the nut brown ale, which I thought I remembered liking, was really bitter and gross.  It was drinkable, but I wouldn’t say enjoyable.  It wasn’t worth the 150 calories it cost to drink it.

Summer is almost over already (also depressing) but I certainly won’t be buying any more Dead Frog if this is what the “new Dead Frog” is going to produce.

D.O. Ale Classic brown Ale

This is a brown ale from “Old Yale Brewing” from Chilliwack.  It was on the rack of 650ml bottles that changes every couple of weeks, and they’re usually interesting to try.  I also like brown ale!  It seemed like a safe bet.

Unfortunately for this ale, all I can taste is hops.  Not the nasty bitter “ear wax” flavoured hops; it’s the flowery kind of hops.  I don’t often come across this flowery flavour (probably because I avoid hops-y beer) but I vividly remember someone taking a sip of beer at a beer tasting party and saying “UGH it tastes like potpourri!” and everyone kind of recoiled in horror, then tasted it and went “huh… yeah, you’re right!”  I usually only taste this in really high alcohol content beer, because it easily hides the extreme boozy taste, but this stuff is only 5%.  It’s ALMOST good.  The texture is super creamy and there’s a wonderful nutty flavour buried in there, but then WHAM.  Flowery hops.  And they don’t meld at all with the nutty flavours, as far as I’m concerned.  Ugh. Unfortunate.

Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA

Another Whistler brew popped up so we had to try it.  It’s another one of the big 650ml bottles.

I’m not generally a fan of IPA, because I’m not really a fan of hops.  I had even more trepidation when I read the label and it said “bold and hoppy”.  Nnngh… but it’s Whistler so I’ll try it.

The label proceeds to say “fruity notes of grapefruit” but what they clearly meant to say was “our best impression of unsweetened grapefruit juice”.  The beer even has a cloudy look that makes it seem like it could be grapefruit juice.  This works in my favour because I actually like grapefruit juice.  That said, it’s kind of meh.  If you like lots of hops it’s probably above average, but I continue to rate IPA low on my list.