Whistler Chestnut Ale

Holy shit.

It’s so good.

It might be a bit too sweet but… I’m going to finish this bottle and if I have anything else to add I will, but it might be that this is all that needs to be said.

It’s good.  I love Whistler Brewing.

[edit] Okay I have more details now.  It’s still really good, but I will add that it becomes overpowering quite quickly.  It starts out crisp and clean and refreshing with a strong vanilla flavour, and then it hits you with an awesome nutty chestnut flavour, but the strength of the flavours starts to undermine the refreshingness after awhile.  It probably is a bit too sweet, too.

Still amazingly good though.

Chiptole Beer

I buy pretty much everything made by Whistler brewing.  They have me solidly in their pocket, I guess.  I have also liked all of them except for the Lost Lake IPA but that’s only because I hate IPA.  My initial reaction to their Chipotle beer was ” CHIPOTLE beer???  wtf.  … well I guess I’m buying that.”

On the back it says “initial mellow and malty, then giving way to warm and spicy.”  My reaction is “This is a really crisp and refreshing beer.  It tastes exactly like beer.”  I have not yet noticed any warm or spicy flavours.  Not even a smoky one.  Just beer, with a bit too much hops in it.  It’s Whistler so it’s good beer, but ultimately kind of disappointing.

Maybe all the chipotle is in the half of the bottle my husband took.  It didn’t SAY “shake well” but maybe…

Banana Bread Beer

bananabeerBANANA BEER!!!  Must try.

This is “Wells Banana Bread Beer – Beer brewed with bananas.”

You will never guess what it tastes like.  Go on, guess.

It totally has overtones of banana in it!  I know!

Seriously though, it’s pretty good, assuming you like bananas.  My husband claimed he couldn’t really taste them but something must be wrong with him, because they’re pretty clear to me.  The rest of the beer is pretty average though, so without the gimmick it’s nothing special. I’m not entirely certain I like the hops flavour mingling with banana, either.  I don’t think I would drink more than one or two of them, but it’s a fun thing to try.

Chocolate Orange Beer

whistler chocolate orangeThis beer is another one we grabbed over the holidays, so it’s quite a belated entry… but I was reminded of it and its awesomeness and decided to mention it.

Everyone seems to come out with bizarre “holiday” flavours over the holidays (as opposed to other times, I guess…).  Everything from nutcracker ales to cardigan sweater???  I remember last year Whistler came out with a hazelnut one and it was amazing… but when we went back to grab seconds it was gone.  This year there was Chocolate Orange and it was a similar deal.  You get one shot at trying this stuff before the masses overrun the stock, it seems.

I was skeptical because I’m not a huge fan of orange flavours.  I love oranges, and orange juice, but when things are flagged as orange flavoured they usually have a disgusting distinctive “fake orange” taste that I just don’t like.  I hate hate hate orange peel, and I think that’s what they attempt to emulate, so maybe that’s it.  Or when they’re not emulating they’re straight up throwing peel into things, so the “fake” orange flavour is real orange peel, and it’s disgusting.

Confession time:  I do not like Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.  I know this will be horrifying to some, but it’s true.  Why would you ruin good chocolate with orange peel?  Why?  I suppose a lot of people say the same thing about mint, but mint chocolate is amazing so they are simply wrong.  So a beer based on chocolate oranges… I dunno, man.  But it’s Whistler and I seriously don’t think I have tried a single thing they have made that wouldn’t rank at the top of my favourites.

And then I tried it.

I’m not sure what was going on, here, but I did not taste chocolate oranges.  Maybe if you really stretched it, you could claim it was chocolate oranges.  What I tasted was caramel.  I don’t mean the caramel that people talk about when they go all beer tasting snob and noses and finishes and whatever else… I mean straight out of the center of a caramilk bar caramel.  And it was rich and creamy too so it was basically like drinking straight caramel.

It was fucking delicious.

Honestly it was a bit too sweet.  I can’t really handle butterscotch flavours for long because of how sweet they are, and this was stepping right over that line.  I don’t think I could drink too many of them in a row, but that single 650ml bottle was amazing the whole time it lasted.  And now it is gone :(.  Farewell, delicious caramel beer.

Crabbies Spiced Orange Ginger Beer

CrabbiesOrangeGingerBeerAnother one of those “What the hell is that… we should probably try it” impulse grabs at the liquor store.  We only picked up one bottle and I only took two sips, so it’s not exactly an in-depth review (because clearly I put so much thought into these things), but I will say “Not as bad as I expected”.  It tastes pretty much exactly like ginger beer with orange.  So they succeeded on that front.  I don’t think I could drink a whole lot of it but it wasn’t unpleasant, so it has that going for it!  If you like ginger beer you’d probably like it.

Longboat Chocolate Porter

longboat chocolate

Longboat Chocolate Porter from the Phillips brewing company is one of my favourites, so I must give it props.  I have tried so many “chocolate” beers now, and none of them come close to being as chocolatey as this one right here.  I see on the ingredients that cocoa powder is directly listed, which could have something to do with the genuine chocolate hit.  It’s probably not the “best” beer, but it’s oh so chocolatey… and comes in a 750ml bottle to boot!

Then it becomes a toss-up… which do I like more: chocolate beer, or vanilla beer (in the form of Lion’s Winter Ale from Granville Island).  Can’t… decide…

Chocolate Mint Beer

deadfrogmintI picked this up at some point over the holidays, before I had a blog, so this is a belated entry.  My train of thought when seeing this was “Chocolate Mint beer?  … well, I like chocolate beer.  I like chocolate mint.  How bad can it be???  I should try this.”  I really liked the Dead Frog summer pack and they like to try weird flavours (Lemon Pepper beer may sound weird, but on a hot summer day it was our favourite of the pack) so I’ve had decent experiences with the brewery before.  Plus, I rather like their brown ale when it’s not infused with chocolate mint, so it’s got a decent base to work from, right?

When I got to the checkout, the cashier scanned the bottle and then said “…Chocolate Mint????” which solidified my decision to try it.

Of course, then the other cashier looked over and said “Oh, yeah, that’s been there for awhile now.”  It is probably worth noting that there were lots of bottles and no gaps where any bottles had been removed.  Ominous?

So here it is: Dead Frog Beermaster Series Chocolate Mint Brown Ale.  It comes in one of those bigger bottles, although I think it was 650ml rather than the 750ml that the Longboat Chocolate Porter comes in.

The first sip was promising in that it was a bit chocolatey, and then was minty, which could be quite refreshing!  Unfortunately it was then followed by a big hit of hops.  The hops basically washed out any other possibility, which means all you got was a vaguely minty bitter flavour.  My husband tried a sip and said “ugh, it tastes like medicine.”

I’m not a big fan of hops on the best of days, and the beer didn’t have nearly as much malt as I was hoping from a brown ale.  It was very disappointing and it was somewhat unfortunate that I had to drink a whole 650ml of it… would not buy again.