Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I am not a fan of reboots, particularly if the thing being rebooted isn’t going to gain anything from the process.  That’s not ‘rebooting’, that’s ‘cashing in’.

Fallen Kingdom, however, is straight-up plagiarism.  Can you really call it an ‘homage’ if every second scene was lifted straight from a predecessor?

I can’t decide if that’s worse than a reboot.

Stuff exploded and I was entertained for about an hour and a half, so that’s nice and all, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was nothing in particular about this movie that caused that enjoyment.  All the best scenes were lifted wholesale.

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I am not a professional, I don't get paid to review shit, I am just opinionated and I seem to have some sort of disorder that results in spewing my opinions onto the internet. I enjoy writing long-winded posts about things and sometimes I like to pretend people want to read them, so a blog seemed an appropriate place to stuff it. But mostly I just like writing about things.

One Response to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

  1. I’m convinced that the little girl was supposed to be a human/velociraptor hybrid creature which actually would have been an interesting direction to take the film (maybe not a good one, but at least they’d be swinging) but it seems like there was some 3rd act twist that got edited out completely so you just have these tiny markers of what could have been.

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