Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood Red Ale

A Game of Thrones beer?!?  It would make more sense if it were, like, mulled wine or something… but okay sure I’ll buy it.

First up – this is a big bottle of 7% beer.  750ml of dragon-imbued ale, man.  The bottle claims it is brewed with chilies which is… worrisome?  But I was assuming this beer will be mostly gimmick and wasn’t really expecting more than cheap beer in a fancy marketing label that raises the price 800%.

We immediately proved our beer-snob incompetence by being unable to open it.  It’s got one of those fancy cork tops with the screw-down whatsits.  My husband started confidently untwisting things so I left him to it, but we ended up with a corked bottle we still didn’t know how to open.  I was reaching for the wine de-corker when he managed to pop it.  It exploded like a champagne bottle and immediately spewed foam all over.  He said “I could have popped that out right away but I was trying to avoid doing exactly this.”

It’s good when beer has a “head” right?!??  Hoooolllyyy fuck was this hard to pour due to the foaming.  And it was a persistent head, too.  It just would not move out of the way to make room for more liquid.  We finally got the thing poured and started drinking.

It’s… not awful?  I was seriously expecting a shitty gimmick beer but this is pretty good.  A bit too hops-y for me but not disgustingly so.  Probably exactly the kind of hops most people want in beer.  It’s not bitter or gross, and it has a nice fermented, slightly flowery taste.  Nice texture, too.  If there are chilies in here I have not encountered a speck of one, though.

It was also requested that I report on whether it is “epic” or not.  … Nope not really.  Sweet dragon label, though.  Okay I guess spewing foam across the kitchen was pretty epic, though, I will give it that.

A-, probably would not buy again but do not regret purchase.

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