Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

I must be up front with this review: we had no idea Alan Partridge existed when we picked up this movie. Now that we have seen the movie, I plan on hunting down the earlier works. That should be an indication of how it went. I peeked at a few reviews and saw a lot of negativity surrounding the fact that this movie just wasn’t as good as other Alan Partridge stuff. Good god, if this is an example of him at his worst then we better track down the rest quickly. Reviews seem very mixed at times, sometimes stating that the character is too tired and over-used, or that it’s not funny because its the same-old same-old jokes… and then swinging in the other direction to claim it’s only funny if you’re already familiar with the character which means its a bust for everyone else.
I’m here to say that none of that is true. Well, since I’m not familiar with the character, I suppose I cannot claim that it is NOT an example of same-old same-old, but you also shouldn’t fuck with a formula that is working. We had no problem following who the character is and becoming interested in more stories, so I’m just going to assume those reviews are being bitchy for the sake of trying to find something interesting to say.

I can’t even explain why it was so good. The plot was pretty dumb, really, but it was just so clever. All of the lines were spot-on with good timing. If you’re not interested in low brow British jokes then I suppose you might not like it much, but if you enjoy jokes about awkwardness, nudity, and poop, you should probably give Alan Partridge a peek.


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