Betty’s Vodka Iced Tea (Peach)

It’s been hot and I’ve been on an iced tea kick lately, including plenty of Twisted Tea (which is great for authentic tea taste, by the way).  We went on a hunt for the elusive new Pacific Kolsch by the local brewery (also great, by the way) which has been sold out all over, but appears to be back in stock, since the store we went to had a whole shelf of it.  While waiting at the register, I picked up a 6 pack of Peach Betty’s Vodka Iced Tea (leaving shit lying by the register really works, people!).

It’s super carbonated (the can says “light carbonated”.  My ass.), which I normally don’t like so much, but it gives it a really “sparkly” feel.  The tea taste is decent, and it’s super peach flavoured.  Probably skipping right past into “cheap overly flavoured” territory, but it tastes really good tonight for whatever reason.  It’s kind of like drinking “Fuzzy Peach” candy, and I love fuzzy peach candy!

And my husband hates peach, so it means he isn’t stealing any of them from me.  Thumbs up!

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I am not a professional, I don't get paid to review shit, I am just opinionated and I seem to have some sort of disorder that results in spewing my opinions onto the internet. I enjoy writing long-winded posts about things and sometimes I like to pretend people want to read them, so a blog seemed an appropriate place to stuff it. But mostly I just like writing about things.

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