Jack Reacher

I hate writing reviews about things I don’t feel very strongly about, but to be honest I barely remember watching this.  The most exciting thing that happened was both of us falling asleep and then turning it off.

Our experiences were probably coloured a little bit by watching Mission Impossible 4 recently, but I feel like even if you didn’t compare the movie to massive explosions and scaling the side of a building using malfunctioning spider-man gloves and crawling through the insides of a massive overheating computer… nothing much happens in Jack Reacher.  A sniper shoots some people in a seemingly random attack and everyone talks about why.  And they keep talking about why for the next hour and a half.  I hate to sound like one of “those“, who need explosions and gunfire to stay interested… but by the time the (completely unremarkable) answers start to be revealed, you don’t give a shit anymore.


About tagracat
I am not a professional, I don't get paid to review shit, I am just opinionated and I seem to have some sort of disorder that results in spewing my opinions onto the internet. I enjoy writing long-winded posts about things and sometimes I like to pretend people want to read them, so a blog seemed an appropriate place to stuff it. But mostly I just like writing about things.

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