Lost Lake Unfiltered IPA

Another Whistler brew popped up so we had to try it.  It’s another one of the big 650ml bottles.

I’m not generally a fan of IPA, because I’m not really a fan of hops.  I had even more trepidation when I read the label and it said “bold and hoppy”.  Nnngh… but it’s Whistler so I’ll try it.

The label proceeds to say “fruity notes of grapefruit” but what they clearly meant to say was “our best impression of unsweetened grapefruit juice”.  The beer even has a cloudy look that makes it seem like it could be grapefruit juice.  This works in my favour because I actually like grapefruit juice.  That said, it’s kind of meh.  If you like lots of hops it’s probably above average, but I continue to rate IPA low on my list.


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