PWB-Canterbury-3551-157x300This is one that I bet not many have seen, which makes it a perfect candidate for an entry on my blog.

Canterbury is a beer produced by the local brewery, probably less than 10km from where I am sitting right now.  They proudly advertise how it is brewed with “fresh spring water”, but given the brewery’s location smack on the banks of the river, I often wonder…

Canterbury is apparently Canada’s first Dark Mild.  That’s what the can says, anyway.  What I can tell you is that it’s got a delicious malty flavour without any overpowering “ear wax” hops taste that I find a lot of “dark” beers try to go for.  I like malt and I dislike strong hops, which means I like this beer.

Additionally, since it’s locally produced, there are two major benefits:  It’s cheap, because there are no real shipping costs involved (and also rah rah support local business and whatnot), and it’s always fresh.  We’ve had the occasional “off” batch of imported beer and it’s always unfortunate.  Canterbury is always crisp and fresh and we haven’t run into a bad batch yet.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s a cheap beer, and there are better options out there if you’re looking for quality.  I’m not terribly crazy over the other brands produced by the local place either (although the honey lager is decent, and there are probably others I haven’t tried yet), but Canterbury is definitely my default “grab something quick” choice from the local shops.


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