Legend of Fae

One of my intended purposes for this blog was to bring some attention to the quality of smaller, little known things that might otherwise get overlooked.  I feel like Legend of Fae deserves some attention.

It’s a typical match three game, but it’s got a lot of unique elements to it which really make it stand out.

For one, the graphics are decent.Legend of Fae 1

For two, it’s an RPG, and it actually has good writing.  The story is keeping me interested and I want to know what happens next.

The gist of it is that shit is happening and our protagonist sets out to locate her missing family member.  Along the way, she runs into some friendly elementals who help her out.

Gameplay has a lot of simple elemental matching: fire beats grass, water beats fire… etc. etc.  In the mix are some other elements though.  For one, there are “walk” tiles which make you… well… walk… and get to the next story element.  While in combat, those tiles also make you dodge.  There are also some other action tiles that do various things.

The game includes a combat element.  You match tiles to power up your elemental friends, then click up on the battle screen to direct them to attack things.  This is where your matching kicks in – send your fire guy to attack the grass dudes, water guy to attack fire dudes… you’ll figure it out.  So each game involves a lot of swapping between the two game boards, which I wasn’t too keen on at first but I got used to it.


The battle board


Properly matched elements result in huge bonuses







Monsters can drop items, which you can click on to collect.  I could really do without this.  Why do we have to CLICK on it to collect it?  Just pick that shit up automatically.  It’s busywork that can end up being a bit tedious.  The items they drop can result in fleshing out your story tome though which is nice.  I love collection elements in games.

The real RPG aspects come into play when clearing a stage can result in you collecting some upgrade items which you can use to make your elemental friends more powerful 2013-02-09_00004

Save up to make one super powerful, or upgrade all of them equally?  HMMM.

For the competitive streak in people, there are time attack options for getting through the stages.  Getting a good time requires efficient matching and proper elemental attacks in order to take things out in the fastest possible manner.  Fortunately, for people like me, it’s completely optional and you can just enjoy the game and story without worrying about the clock.

It’s a great little timewaster with much deeper elements than your typical match three, and I highly recommend checking it out.

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