Banana Bread Beer

bananabeerBANANA BEER!!!  Must try.

This is “Wells Banana Bread Beer – Beer brewed with bananas.”

You will never guess what it tastes like.  Go on, guess.

It totally has overtones of banana in it!  I know!

Seriously though, it’s pretty good, assuming you like bananas.  My husband claimed he couldn’t really taste them but something must be wrong with him, because they’re pretty clear to me.  The rest of the beer is pretty average though, so without the gimmick it’s nothing special. I’m not entirely certain I like the hops flavour mingling with banana, either.  I don’t think I would drink more than one or two of them, but it’s a fun thing to try.

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2 Responses to Banana Bread Beer

  1. I want to try this. Looking up info now.

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