Phillips Slipstream Cream Ale


You know, I’m not actually sure I’ve had anything from Phillips before, besides the Longboat Chocolate Porter which I love.  I went to the beer store expecting to pick up some Whistler brands, but then they were out of them… so I decided to give this one a go!  The top of the box has a little visual slider indicating the flavour, and it was 3/4 of the way over towards malt (but more importantly, far away from hops) so I grabbed it.  Also there is a biker on the front.  That might be important!

First impressions: Definitely malty and very “dark” in exactly the way I like it.  The beer itself is really rich and smooth, and I probably would, in fact, describe it as creamy.  The bottle says it is “as smooth as a pedal stroke”, but clearly these people do not try to ride a bicycle in PG.

Other than that, I’m not seeing anything too special about it.  I don’t think I’ll be searching it out in the future, but it’s not helping that I was in the mood for a crisp refreshing Whistler-style beer.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for a rich malty beer so I might hunt it down again.

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