Cloud Atlas

As we watched Cloud Atlas, I thought to myself “I bet this is based on a book, and it makes a lot more sense as one.”  I was right!  I am debating whether to read the book now, simply because it looks like it does a lot of fairly clever things, but I’m not sure I agree with the message of the story enough to want to bother.

The movie is actually six different stories, each set in a different era.  Each story is being told by someone in a subsequent era, as they either recount or discover the story (they might be telling the story around a campfire or reading a journal, things like that).  Not knowing any of this before going into the movie was… interesting. Actors are reused for each era, with some interesting results (Hugo Weaving in drag is fantastic), because one of the messages of the story is that people live on in new lives.  Themes to look for involve how each character(/actor) changes as they move from era to era… do they become a better person, or worse?

I don’t think I will say much more than that because it risks getting into far too much philosophical discussion.  I’m not particularly interested in reincarnation, but I enjoyed the movie primarily because it was so unique. Without having even read it I do think the book probably did a better job of it, so if you’re going to pick one I would go for print.  If you’re looking for a challenge, you might like the movie though.  There are blogs out there that say “Go watch the movie, and then we’ll explain it to you”, which, naturally, I found while trying to figure out the details of what the fuck I just watched… and that’s about all you need to know to get started.


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