Legacy Book Reviews

Just a quick note, in case someone is ever skimming through all of these… I was reviewing books on Goodreads far far before it ever occurred to me to make a blog, so I didn’t bother to port all the old ones over (just a few favourites).  If you care, you should be able to access the older reviews through the Goodreads widget, or through the link it helpfully plasters onto the bottom of every review I cross-publish.

Or this link! http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/5300963?sort=review&view=reviews


About tagracat
I am not a professional, I don't get paid to review shit, I am just opinionated and I seem to have some sort of disorder that results in spewing my opinions onto the internet. I enjoy writing long-winded posts about things and sometimes I like to pretend people want to read them, so a blog seemed an appropriate place to stuff it. But mostly I just like writing about things.

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